Usability & Accessibility

User tests gives direct input on how users navigate user interface’s. Together with the overall aesthetics and ease-of-use, they can improve the user experience of digital products considerable.

The image below shows a usability test called “card sorting test” that my team and I made to improve the information architecture and general navigation on Den Blå Avis online – Denmark’s largest online marketplace for used products. Here categories have been removed from their normal context (the website) and users can sort the categories according to their mental model, thus creating a more intuitive navigation.

Card sorting test


Besides the more traditional interviewing and online questionaires, I have experience with the conduction of;

  • Eye tracking (tested the utility of a dyslexia font)
  • High fidelity and low fidelity (paper) prototypes
  • Dual task test/Stress test
  • Think aloud protocol
  • Personas & Scenarios
  • Remote user test
  • Trunk test
  • Expert test
  • Prototype testing
  • Ball pen test/exercise
  • Participatory design (though not an actual usability test method)