Interaction Design

This page displays a selection of concepts and interaction designs (school projects), I have co-invented. This first “quick & dirty” interaction design project was invented with the purpose of making metro rides more pleasant and less boring and awkward.




Just to get the idea…



The Child tracker

This (somewhat politically incorrect) child tracker-concept bases on GPS-technology that keeps track of the kids and lets the pedagogues know that all the children are within the preferred radius. At the same time the device helps pedagogues keeping track of and document day trips and excursions. These informations will be sent to a website, where parents have a chance to follow the everyday life of their children.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.52.19 PM

Press image to read full interaction design report.



 Stop’n Shop

The Stop ‘n Shop concept is alternative to expensive take away and stressful grocery shopping for people that need a quick and healthy dinner solution. It’s an after hour, mobile grocery shop that provides customers with the ingredients they need to cook an easy, healthy, delicious and exiting dinner together with a recipe provided by a popular Danish chef.


Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.13.16 PM


just to get the idea



Giv et nap (med)

The concept “Givetnap” is a web portal providing an alternative way for users and support organizations to meet. The portal gives a visual overview of the world’s development projects and makes it possible for users to support and/or follow each development project and see how it progresses and grows. The concept also has an element of social profit since the users are able to collect and share “support badges” of their development projects on various SNS’.

The portal only reached prototype stage, but THIS BLOG gives an idea of the whole concept development process from ideation phase (brainstorming ) to the structuring of the site (database design, flowchart, site map), to designing (colors, website genre, look & feel) to the partial implementation of the portal (coding & scripting).